Frequently asked questions about #defundlbpd & the budget

Who pays for the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD)?

People who live and work in Long Beach. The vast majority of the budget for the Long Beach Police Department comes from the city’s General Fund. The people generate the revenue for the General Fund through various taxes, fines, etc.

What is the General Fund?

When people talk about “the budget”, they usually refer to the city’s General Fund. Though the city has other funding and the General Fund is just one part of the city’s entire budget, the General Fund is the city’s only completely discretionary fund for general city services.

How much of the General Fund does the LBPD receive?

In the current fiscal year, which ends in September, the LBPD received 48% of the General Fund. This percent amounted to over 260 million dollars. In contrast, our libraries receive 2.9% while parks & rec. receive 8.1%. Read more about the Long Beach FY20 budget here: budget overview.

In what ways am I personally funding the LBPD?

When you do the following, your money goes to the city’s General Fund, of which half (48%) goes to the LBPD:

  • Paying sales tax when buying something

  • Paying a parking ticket

  • Paying your utilities

  • Paying property tax, if you own a place

How many people work for the LBPD?

The LBPD employees 1,251 Full-Time Equivalent Employees. There are three times as many Full-Time Equivalent Employees in the police department than the fire department. One in five people employed full time by the city through the General Fund works for the LBPD.

What is the People’s Budget?

The Long Beach chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement demands a divestment from the Long Beach Police Department and a reinvestment in Black lives and communities of color. This budget proposal is called the People’s Budget. Read the People’s Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2021 here: People’s Budget